Top 5 Free Fire gun combinations for aggressive players after OB32 update  

In Garena free fire application, Gloo walls and the amazing free fire characters are the most-talked-about features. Free fire loves using different types of free fire characters by which they can stand till the last of the match. These characters of free fire are supported with incredible abilities and also amazing powers that any player can use. Get the Best Free fire Gun Combinations given below.  

Free Fire gun combinations

As these free fire characters have incredible abilities, they also need some support so that they can boost their power even more. As you all know that you will get too many foes inside the battleground of the free fire OB32 update and you will be the one to fight against them. If you are supported with any free fire character then you will also need some pets and weapons so that you don’t need to face hassle while playing.   

When you are using free fire gun combinations with the free fire characters then you can easily survive in the aggressive gameplay. The gun combinations that am going to mention in this blog will be the best option for aggressive players of free fire.   

Best Gun Combinations for Aggressive Players  

1- M249 + MP40  

You will get two kinds of guns inside the game; one is SMG and the second one is LMG. SMG means guns that you can use for short-range fights and LMG means the guns that you can use for Long-range fights. Both guns have amazing abilities so you can use both as the best combination for aggressive gameplay. The combination of M249 + MP40 will be the ideal combination for free fire players of OB32 update for rush playstyle.   

2- M60 + M1014  

When you are using the combination of M60 + M1014, you will be able to kill enemy by one or two hits only. You can easily finish the foes by using two fires in close-range fights. These combinations will also be the best choice for medium-range combats. If you are a beginner and you are using the practice mode then you can easily get these combinations in the practice mode also. Play in the practice mode first so that you can learn to use these combinations without any hassle.   

3- Scar + M14  

In the AR category of the guns of free fire, M14 has the most range and significance among the other weapons of free fire. Unfortunately, you will not be able to increase the magazine capacity and Fire rate. You can easily kill the foes from a far distance by mid-range and long-range capabilities.   

4- AUG + AWM  

AWM is the most arguably gun of the free fire OB32 update. This gun will give you the greatest damage within its category. You can kill the foes by using two fires from a long distance by using this gun combination.   

5- M82B + Groza  

These are the incredible sniper rifles in Free Fire OB32 update. From a longer range, you can kill the enemies by using one tap or two taps only. With the help of Groza, a free fire player will be able to get decent range, high damage, stability, and also much more.    

Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
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