Best character combinations with DJ Alok in Free Fire MAX   

Choosing the characters and pairing them up with other characters or pets are the most important aspects for many free-fire max players. Making the right combination can make you the last standing player in the free-fire max world. As you know that before landing on the battlefield, you will need to choose the character first so that he/she can fight on your behalf of you. On the battlefield, you will get a total number of other 49 players and you will be the 50th player to fight against all of them. Those 49 players of Free fire max will be going to play the role of your foes and you will need to protect yourself from them. Check out the best character combinations with DJ Alok in FF Max below.   

DJ Alok in FF Max

While landing on an island in Free fire max, the players will start facing troubles even from the landing spots. You need to take care of so many things because the foes can shoot you from anywhere. There are so many strategies available online by which you can improve your gaming skills. You must have tried so many things but have you ever tried the combination of characters on the Free Fire Max battlefield? I think most of the players have not tried the character combination including the newbies.   

In today’s blog, am going to show you so interesting character combination supported by incredible abilities by which you can play even more amazing in comparison to before. Before using this given character combination on the battlefield, try to use them in the practice mode first which is easily available to access.   

List of Popular Character Combinations for Free Fire MAX Players  

1- Alok + Otho + Alvaro + Leon  

So, these are given 4 characters of Free Fire max above. You don’t need to worry because we will discuss each and everything about the given 4 characters. You all know the ability of Alok’s character as he is very popular. Alok is supported with a strong ability which is called “Drop the Beat”. Check out the other characters to pair him up with him given below.  

A- Otho  

Otho may not be one of the popular characters but you will wonder to know that this character is amazing to choose for the battlefield. Some pro players already tried him on the matches in the events. His strong ability is Memory Mist. With his great ability, the players will be able to know the location of the enemy even from 25 meters away.   

B- Alvaro  

Pro players and old players from the free-fire must be aware of this character but newbies maybe are unaware of him. So, his strong ability in free fire max is called Art of Demolition which will help you in boosting the damage of explosive weapons like a grenade by 10 percent.   

C- Leon  

I have listed him on the third number but let me tell you that this character is the priority of so many players. His strong ability “Buzzer Beater” will help you in many ways on the battlefield, this character can give you 5 percent of health points on each kill. Getting the health points is the most important aspect to survive till the end of the match.   

2- Alok + Shirou + Luqueta + Hayato  
A- Shirou  

Through the ability of Shirou which is “Damage Delivered”, the players will be able to shoot the enemy by 80 meters of distance.   

B- Luqueta  

Luqueta needs no introduction as you all are aware of the ability of this character in free fire max. This character has the “Hat Trick” ability which helps you to boost the maximum level of health points by 10 percent.   

C- Hayato  

Hayato is a real-life based character in Free Fire MAX who has sumo ability. His ability is “Bushido” which can impress any player with his unique way of fighting.   

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