All Free Fire MAX characters active abilities in February 2022  

Free Fire Max has unmistakable characters with diverse powers which can butilize to upgrade the gameplay encounter. The characters are classified into two categories agreeing to their Active and inactive capacities. Free Fire Max Characters with dynamic capacities is got to be more effective than inactive ones.   

Free Fire MAX characters

The Active characters have cooldown times and obtain particular abilities that can control manually. However, Players can utilize as it were one active character within the combination of the avatars. Because it is vital to utilize an inactive one for the moment choice within the combination. This makes the active characters most imperative among all the Free Fire characters shown within the game. Here is the list of all the characters with dynamic capacities that can utilize in February 2022.  

List of Characters with Active Abilities  

1- Dimitri  

Dimitri has the Healing Heartbeat active ability. Dimitri’s capacity works as its title recommends; it increments the HP by 3 focuses per moment on the off chance that the colleagues are in a 3.5 m region. This zone is additionally articulated as the mending zone made by Recuperating Pulse capacity. Moreover, players can too self-recoup if they are shot by enemies. Recuperating Pulse features a cooldown time of 85 seconds and it works for 10 seconds. When the character is on its crest level, this dynamic capacity incorporates a 60 seconds cooldown time whereas its term rises to 15 seconds.  

2- Skyler  

Skyler has Riptide Rhythm active ability. The Riptide Rhythm of Skyler can be an incredible methodology in Free Firefight. This dynamic capacity of Skyler can utilize to decimate Gloo Dividers in a span of the 50-meter region with a sonic wave. Whereas these Gloo Dividers increment the HP recuperation by 4 focuses at level 1 on each harm from a sonic boom. This capacity encompasses a cooldown time of 60 seconds. However, the cooldown time will decrease to 40 seconds and HP recuperation will elevate at 9 focuses on coming to the most noteworthy level.  

3- K  

K has Master of all active ability in Free Fire MAX. K could be a captivating character in Free Fire and alluring to all Free Fire players. His dynamic capacity, Ace of All, gives a surge to greatest EP by 50. Besides, His dynamic capacity has two encourage modes. To begin with is Jiu-Jitsu, which permits colleagues inside 6 meters a gigantic 500% increase in EP transformation rate. And the moment that is Brain research mode, which recoups 3 EP each 2.2 seconds up to 150 EP. The mode switch features a cooldown time of 3 seconds. Whereas at the beat level, as it were brain research mode changes somewhat because it recoups 3 EP per moment up to 250 EP.  

4- Clu  

Clu has an incredible active ability which is Tracing Steps. It can be a character with criminologist faculties additionally the single character recorded in this article who can be bought utilizing gold coins. Clu has 6 levels within the amusement and has the dynamic capacity, Following Strides, which endures for 7 seconds and can find the adversaries in a sweep of 50 meters. The cooldown time of Clu’s capacity at its most extreme level is 50 seconds. 

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