Free Fire India Ban Update: Why We Don’t Have Any Unban Date Yet  

Garena free fire has undeniable popularity from India. Many strong free fire game communities came out by their amazing skills and talents. Due to the unique content, Garena free fire has expanded so fast to the whole world including India that the developer of free fire had introduced. This game has given the active esports scene to the free fire players. Why don’t have any unban date yet after Free Fire India Ban? get the whole details below.  

Free Fire India Ban

Unfortunately, the past few hours have been the worst hours for the free fire players. Free fire players got the shocking news of banning on Free Fire application for the Indian Server only. There are many players of free fire who are continuously searching for so many hours to get the possible news on unban of free fire.   

When can Free Fire be Unbanned in India?  

For the past two days, free fire players are still in browsing about the unban news of the free fire battle royale game. They are just trying to find the possibility. Free fire players are waiting badly to know whether or not the free fire game would be brought back. For now, the Indian Government has been added the free fire game to the list of banned games. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to get it from the other app stores.   

On the other hand, the prospect of this ban being lifted immediately is remote. If you are ready to wait for a couple of hours to get the free fire back then I think you probably should not wait. As we lost PUBG battle royale title because of some privacy concerns, Garena free fire is also the one that we lost.  

However, the developers of free fire games are working on the issue. Can’t say anything about getting back free fire back on the Indian server. It may or may not be going to make the comeback on Indian Server.   

Read the Statement of Garena Free Fire Developer  

“We know that Free Fire is unavailable currently on the Google Play and also on iOS app stores in Indian server and that the free fire games is currently not operable for some free fire users in the country. We are working to address this issue, and we are sorry to our free fire users for any inconvenience.”  

As the free fire got banned by the Indian Government but we have Free Fire MAX on the other hand. You can still avail yourself of free fire MAX without any hassle. The enhanced version of free fire is still live on Google Play Store. Unfortunately. it is not on the Apple iOS app store. If you are an Android user then you can download Free Fire MAX from Google Play Store. You will not be able to purchase it through emulators also. The Android Free Fire players can only get Free Fire MAX into their devices. Free Fire MAX has also the battle royale feature so you can play it and still can avail of so many in-game items.   

Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
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