5 Free Fire Tips to Get More Kills in Hot Drops!

The Free Fire players consider landing on the Hot Drops to be dangerous. There are many drop zones where it is safe to land, however, Hot Drops is not one of them. Shotguns can get a lot of kills on a lot of drop sites, but hot drops require skill and luck to survive.

When you first arrive on the ground, your main goal is to gain more talents so that you can survive longer. When you have a large number of opponents, it will be much easier to locate the enemy, resulting in more kills in Free Fire.

So, today we’ll go over 5 free fire tips to help you gain more kills in hot drops.

Free Fire

Strategies to Get More Kills in Hot Drops 

1- Attempt to land safely, then seek out a safe hiding spot.

Although Free Fire Hot Drops are thought to be a dangerous location, you will reap various benefits if you land there. When you initially arrive, you will have the opportunity to plunder. It’s also unlikely that you’ll get fired by your opponents. When you arrive here, you can quickly secure a strategic position.

If you’re looking for a safe place to camp on the Garena Free Fire, the rooftop is the ideal place to be. From here, you can quickly target your foes. You will be able to view all of the Garena Free Fire foes’ actions and will be able to shoot them without interruption.

Also, you may set up camp on roofs and view everything plainly from the top to the bottom. Nobody will bother you on the rooftop, therefore you’ll be able to get a lot more kills.

2- If Opponents Land Near You, Engage With Them

If an adversary has landed nearby while you are on the hot drops, engage them to gain more kills. Also, if you don’t respond quickly, there’s a high possibility you’ll end up putting your life in danger, and your chances of winning prizes will be shattered.

In case you want to play in this situation then you should have Kla’s Muay abilities. Without any Armor, the increase of damage by the shotgun will be less effective and you will get more kills easily.  

3- Hide Inside the Building and Shoot the Opponent 

Hot drops consider an unsafe place for the players who want to survive. If you spend more time in the open space then you will be killed soon. If you want to stay away from the open spaces and want more kills then hiding inside the buildings will be the better choice. Inside the building, you can hide and can easily target enemies of the outside area. You can kill them but they will be unable to see you.  

4- Use Aggressive Character 

You can unlock more characters if you have redeemed codes, Free Fire diamonds, or other in-game currency. Attempt to unlock aggressive characters such as DJ Alok so that you can attack the opponent without alerting them. This character will be extremely useful in gaining more kills.

5- Look at Fights Carefully Then Attack them 

Keep an eye on the continuing battle between the opponent and third-party players so you can murder them while they’re distracted. When done correctly, this strategy is quite effective.

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