5 Best Free Fire Character Abilities for Beginners in 2022!

Many characters in Garena Free Fire have amazing abilities and skills. Some characters have high complex but some have less in comparison to them. These characters fulfill the needs of the players that they want. These characters meet the wants and desires of the gamers. All of the characters are available, but they must be purchased with in-game currency.

In this blog, you will be going to know about the 5 best character abilities in the free fire as well as other important information for novices. This blog will help beginners so that they can know all the abilities of characters and they can use them in the game.

Amazing Abilities of Free Fire Characters 

Read the list below of the top 5 characters in Garena Free Fire so that you can know about the top characters. This information will help you to survive in the game. 

1- Hat Trick 

In Garena Free Fire, the results of the matches announce at the end of the matches, and at last, all players will be able to know which players have high HP. In this case, to increase the possibility of winning the matches, free-fire players can use this Hat Trick ability. This character will help you to fight against the enemies and can make your victory possible even at the last stage.  

2- Sharp Shooter 

As the beginners start learning the free fire tricks, they slowly get away from the hip fire mode. As time passes in the Garena free fire world, using the scopes becomes the favorite way to get the aim. However, you can work on your skills also. The free-fire players can use the sharp shooter’s ability to gain the edge. 

3- Dash 

If you want to increase your sprint speed then you can use this Dash character. This character will increase your sprint speed by 6%. You don’t need to be worry because this character will be active throughout the game. Boosting the speed can be very helpful in numerous situations. 

if you want to escape the opponent using speed will be the best option. Through the amazing speed, you can save more time and can reach the opponent fast. The ability of this character can be used in many situations during the game. 

4- Bullet Beats 

Don’t want to face a penalty? You don’t need to worry now because using this Bullet Beats character will allow Free Fire players to shoot the enemy and move without penalties. When you are moving after the firing then the speed of the player will increase by 15%.  

5- Sustained Raids 

This character will help Free Fire Players in recovering your HP. If you will be able to kill the enemy then you will be able to recover your HP by 20%. You can heal yourself and can get more time by using this Sustained Raids character. When you score the hit on the opponent then you will be able to get the Health Point each time.

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