5 Best Characters in Free Fire Clash Squad!

Garena Free Fire offers too many Unique game modes and Clash squad modes for the free-fire players. This game allows players to create their unique combinations and they can also add other characters’ abilities by purchasing them from the skill slots.  

Having a good combination will give a great advantage to the free-fire player. If you have character and amazing ability along with a good combination then the way will be easy to reach at the end of the Free Fire Clash Squad.  

List of Amazing Characters 

1- DJ Alok 

If you are going to use this character then should know that this character has the active ability that is called Drop the Beat. The power of Drop the Beat will create a 5m aura that helps in boosting the movement speed by 10%. At the base stage of the free fire game, you will be able to restore the 5 Health Points that will save you when you will hit by the opponent.  

If you are in Free Fire Clash Squad modes and facing aggressive gameplay then you should have chosen this character. For the aggressive gameplay, you need a more active player that is supported with amazing ability. DJ Alok will be the best choice to go with into the battleground for aggressive gameplay. 

2- Skyler 

This Skyler is in the second position on our top list. This character has an amazing active ability that is called Riptide Rhythm. This ability will produce a sonic wave that can destroy 5 Gloo walls at a distance of 50 meters.  

Destroying each Gloo wall will give you 4 Health points that you can use when you get hit by the opponent.  

3- Hayato 

He is a samurai with Bushido skills. When you are equipped with this free fire character then you will improve the Armor penetration by 7.5 percent on the decreasing of maximum HP by 10 percent. As you will go for the highest level in free fire, the Armor penetration will boost by 10 percent on the decreasing of each maximum HP.  

4- Jota 

This character is also known as the sustained raids and his ability has also the same name. At the basic stage, this character will help you to restore the health points by 25 after getting each kill with a shotgun. You will get five seconds as your cooldown time.  

5- Chrono 

This character has an amazing ability that can be very effective for the opponents. By his amazing ability, you will let the enemy face 600 damages at a time. You will also get the chance to boost up your speed by 5 percent when you are supporting this character.  

These are all 5 top free fire characters that the free fire player can use for the Free Fire clash squad modes. These characters have amazing abilities that will help you in providing HP along with great movement speed. Before landing on the battleground, make a good strategy then choose a character from the given list then you will be able to face your opponents in the clash squad modes easily.   

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