30 Best Pet Names in Garena Free Fire!

Why do some Garena Free Fire players have fashionable nicknames for their pets? The answer you might already know. Well, to just this scenario, Using flashing and unique names will aid a new identity and stay out of the crowd of common names. Many players adopt unique & stylish names to give their gaming a unique identity. Indeed, these names draw the attention of other players.

Moreover, free-fire gamers use names, as well as stunning fonts and symbols. They use it not only for their characters but also for their pets and guilds. Indeed, a pet is an important character in Garena Free Fire & in your gaming journey, your pet will serve as your best friend.

Garena Free Fire

f you enjoy doing implements and being creative, you can also give your pet a distinct identity. Now without any further ado, let’s check out the 30 best pet names for your free fire gaming.

30 Best Alias for pets in Free Fire 

If you are looking for changing the pet’s name then you can’t get it for free. You can do this by spending some in-game currency. You will need 200 diamonds for having the other nickname of your pet.  

List of Best pet Nicknames 

1) ARR⊕W 


3) BØT 

4) ᏃᏋᏌᎦ 

5) ʟɛօ 

6) ₘₐₓᵢₘᵤₛ 

7) ▀▄KING▀▄ 

8) ʀօɮօT 

9) ₣røźєη 

10) Fℓα₥єֆ 

11) Ꮨຮຮꫝຮຮiℵ 

12) $LâЧЗГ 

13) $ᶄẏ 

14) ʙᴜʟʟᴇᴛ 

15) Ҟモれ乙Ö 

16) Kภight 

17) ΔĆ€ 

18) 匚尺ㄩ丂卄乇尺 

19) А̷ф̷ц̷а̷ 

20) ᴄ̷ᴏ̷ɴ̷Q̷ᴜ̷ᴇr 

21) MДИIД 

22) 乃乇ㄒ卂 


24) ⓈⒽⒾⓃⒺ 


26) P₳₦Đ₳ツ 

27) ₭ÏḼḼ℥℟ 

28) ĐɆAĐ 

29) ᴘʜᴏᴇɴɪx 

30) 𒆜ωσℓf𒆜 

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Pet’s Nickname 

  1. Go on the app then click on the pet option that will appear on the screen of your device.  
  2. Select the pet whose name you want to change, then click on the edit option. 
  3. Change nickname dialogue box will be going to appear on the screen. You can now type the name that you want then click on the blue button to get the nickname.  

When you have done this process then 200 diamonds will be automatically deducted from your free fire gaming account. If you don’t have that much balance in your gaming account then you will not be able to do this.  

If you do not have the required number of diamonds, you must first obtain them. By participating in various events and tournaments, free fire players will be able to collect diamonds, which will allow them to obtain great gifts.

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