3 best Free Fire gloo wall tricks to use in higher ranks (August 2022)

Gamers can experience unique battle royale survival gameplay with plenty of eye-catching features.

Gloo walls are a fan-favorite feature where gamers can use special grenades to place a hard cover in front of themselves. They have also developed various exciting tricks that make for excellent uses of gloo walls.

These gloo wall tricks offer a significant advantage in high-tier gameplay as users can use them for defense and attack.

Quick gloo wall and two more tricks for higher ranks in Free Fire

3) Sit-Up gloo wall trick

The Sit-Up gloo wall trick is one of the most famous ones used by many pros. Users can learn it quickly, and they don’t require a high number of gloo wall grenades to use it.

Players can use the trick to make a passage into safe zones while dodging attacks from their rivals on the battleground.

This trick is handy to prevent headshot attacks from opponents. To apply it, gamers require quick finger movement in which they need to press the gloo wall grenade button and crunch button simultaneously to place the gloo wall on the ground.

2) Quick gloo wall trick

The second trick for higher-ranking gameplay is the Quick gloo wall trick. It is of great use to defend against a surprise attack from opponents. With this trick, players quickly place a gloo wall from the side of the attack.

To apply the gloo wall trick, they need to have a good set of sensitivity settings in Free Fire. Users can also change the position of buttons like the analog and gloo wall grenade buttons to press them quickly.

Afterward, they must quickly turn their camera angles to the enemy’s position and place a gloo wall.

1) 360 gloo wall trick

The 360° gloo wall trick is one of Free Fire’s most widely used gloo wall tricks. It requires basic knowledge of how to quickly use the gloo wall grenade and dag button for the optimal placements of these items.

The 360° gloo wall trick involves gamers covering themselves from all sides with gloo walls.

Those with quick reaction speeds can quickly master the 360° gloo wall trick. Players need lots of gloo wall grenades to do the trick, as there should be no gap between the walls.

They are required to press the drag button and rotate the analog button in 360° movement to place gloo walls around them. The trick is convenient in the rank push to higher leagues as users can defend themselves without any good cover.

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