How To Get Up To 100x Magic Cube Fragments For Free?

magic cube for free

Getting the cube isn’t easy but the beginning of the year brings you 100 magic cubes for free. How? Check out this article to know about how you can get 100x Magic Cube Fragments for free. The Drop Cube Fragment event will end today (January 3, 2022). So hurry up and claim your free 100x Magic Cube Fragments for free.

Garena’s mobile battle royale game has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. In addition, developers have recently integrated an event within the New Age celebrations. in the game, individuals can acquire up to 100x Magic Cube Fragments for free by performing the required task.

The Magic Cube bundles are the most popular in FF gaming and obtaining the cube is challenging. However, there are only a few options to get these 100x magical cubes for free. How? Read on to find out how to get 100x Magic Cube Fragments for free.

Get 100x Magic Cube Fragments for free

The ” Drop Cube Fragments ” event began will end tomorrow ( January 3, 2022 ). Players must play to get the fragments. There is no clear goal, players are only required to play matches. They can swap the fragments for a Magic Cube once they have collected the requisite number of fragments.

To swap the fragments for a cube, the player must take the following steps:

Step 1: First launch Free Fire on the device and tap the “Shop” icon.

Step 2: Go to the “Collect” area and select “Cube Fragment.”

Step 3: Now, proceed to Free Fire and exchange the 100 fragments for a Magic Cube.

The Magic Cube’s Fragments (Magic cubes for free)

Players can purchase one of the following packages after receiving the cube:

• Duchess Butterfly
• Colonel CL
• avenger of justice
• Nerves of steel
• silver giant
• Lady Drakas
• violet flame
• thief
• divine empress
• arctic blue
• Valkyrie
• Ice Age
• cybernetic angel
• battle wolf
• Avenger of Justice
• Iron heart
• Elite squad
• the titan
• Revenge of Drakis
• silver eagle
• twilight eagle
• Perfect rhythm
• Apocalyptic Plague
• thief set
• King’s sword
• Legionary
• Solar Commander
• star general
• digital girl
• Best player
• blood clan
• Night Clown (Joker)
• Samurai
• panda loli
• lolita jianshi
• Crimson Red
• perverse clown
• Nutcracker
• Oracle
• Elite squad
• the titan
• Revenge of Drakis
• mutant delinquent
• mutant marginal
• Taijiya youkai
• Oni Taijiya
• Rhea
• mystic hermit
• Bioforge (Samurai)
• sexy bunny
• Toucan Man (new)
• Highland Lynx (new-)

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