10 Garena Free Fire Tips and Tricks for Beginners 2022!

Want to be the champion of Garena Free Fire? Let us help you to make your place among the top players. Today we have a blog in which we will be sharing all the 10 Garena Free Fire Tips & Tricks. So, you don’t need to face any sort of obstacle. If you’re a newbie, stick with me here until you’ve mastered the Garena Free Fire game.

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The List of All the Free Fire Tips and Tricks Beginners:

Garena Free Fire is a Royal battle game made for IOS, Android. This game is very similar to PUBG and Call of Duty games. This game has more than 500 million downloads alone in androids. Here are a few free fire tips and methods for beginners that you may use to improve your game and win more matches in Garena Free Fire.

1- The Sneaky Attacks

Sometimes you have to be a little sneaky in your game because the sneaky attacks can take you to that point where you can’t expect. If you are not able to catch my point then I am going to set an example for you. When you enter the house, bend down and enter quietly. So, if the squad arrives, you can catch them off guard and attack them before anyone notices you.

2- Crouch when enemy carrying a shotgun

Free Fire allows Crouch while being shot by a gun and this can be a big advantage for you. For example; If the opponent is aiming his shotgun at you, you can crouch such that the shot misses the target and then take your shot before the enemy reloads his shotgun.

3- Move in a Zig-Zag Pattern

If the enemy is aiming at you then you can use the Zig-Zag trick. The Zig-Zag pattern can miss the shot of the enemy and you can get more time to find the place where you can hide.

4- Heal yourself by reviving a teammate

This is the best thing that I like most in this game and that is the revive advantage. If you are not able to play then you can revive your teammate and also can heal yourself.

5- Vehicles lead you to your Aim

The vehicles can be your best friend in this game. nd is a character in this game. If you receive the vehicle at the beginning, you must ensure that it is accessible from all directions. Quickly move to the safe zone if you’re in a close car. If you see an attacker, just keep going and wait for your partner to shoot them.

6- Select a Safe place to land

Garena Free Fire has many maps and most of the players play on the Bermuda map. To protect yourself, you need to find a safe place where you can jump out from the plane.

7- Try to Play with your friends who know more about this game if you are a beginner

If you are a beginner and don’t have more information about this game then I will suggest you play with someone who knows more about the Garena Free Fire game. Your friend will be a big advantage for you and can help you to fight with your enemy.

8- Be aware of the voices that came from your surroundings

If you are playing the game and you are hearing the noises that coming from your surroundings then you need to be aware. The reason for those noises can be the presence of the enemy who is ready to shoot you. In this case, you need to find a place where you can hide and can shoot your enemy at the right time.

9- Take your Helmet when you run

You need to take a helmet with you when you run because if you are not wearing the helmet, an enemy can shoot you easily on your head.

10- The Detective Panda

Garena Free Fire has many pets and all the pets have their different specialty. If you are playing Garena Free Fire then you can take The Detective Panda as your pet because this will help you a lot in your medical issues.

I have shared all the Tips and Tricks for Free Fire players & If you are a new in Free Fire and want to learn how to play free fire for beginners you may also need to read this blog, Whether you are a beginner or you know about the Garena Free Fire, this Free Fire Tips and Tricks 2022 blog can help you to win the game.

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